About this show...

A Tiny Museum of Mammoth Technologies (TMMT) is a project about human’s relationship with time as technology. 

TMMT presents a body of digital and physical work by Wendi Yan that investigates the construction of historicity and technological narratives. The centerpiece of the show is Tale of the Mammoth Goddess, a short animation film about a resurrected mammoth who escaped from the Siberian tundra and hides in a coal mine. While the resurrected mammoth serves as a symbol of a transgression of a natural timeline and a biotechnical object at once prehistoric and futuristic, the rest of the gallery features paintings, prints and sculptures about frozen life, artificial dreams, anachronistic technologies, organic laboratory, and mundane mythologies.

The show draws inspiration from radical museum projects and historiographical fiction, utilizing the language of museum as a personal practice of engaging with knowledge production and embodied cognition. Traversing between fiction and facts, TMMT stares into historicity and questions the linearity of technologies.

Physically, TMMT was Yan’s solo show at Hurley Gallery, Princeton NJ in May 8-21, 2023︎︎︎ It was also her undergrad thesis show for her film certificate at Princeton University. For more information about the artist, see www.wendiyan.com

With support by:
Sam Hutton Fund for the Arts
Interact Residency
Arctic Art & Science Expedition
Arquetopia Honors Alumni Residency